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Gold Borrowing/Lending

The Gold Borrowing/Lending means that the customer borrows from or lends to us the physical gold or account gold. This business is targeted at corporate gold producers and users.

Corporate gold producers may hedge with gold borrowing/lending business according to market situations, while corporate gold users may borrow gold for daily turnover according to their own operating status. This business provides customers with financing, hedging and risk hedging.

1. Customers submit the application materials for gold borrowing/lending, mainly including documents about recent operating status and financial standing.
2. Upon approval, customer concludes the General Agreement on Gold Borrowing/Lending of Agricultural Bank of China with us, agreeing upon relevant elements including term, method and liabilities for default.
3. The two parties borrow or lend gold by installment as contracted.
4. The two parties collect or pay interest, transfer gold in the method and time as contracted.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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