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Chartered Merchants

Chartered Merchants

Our customer must be a chartered merchant of ABC to log on to the system. Log on with the certificate of chartered merchant administrator or operator.

Payment Customer

Only the personal online banking customer or corporate online banking customer of ABC may log on to the system. Log on with the certificate of personal online banking or corporate online banking.

Log on with the number of Kins debit card or quasi-credit card, bank card inquiry password, and security text.

Dear customers,

ABC will provide real-time settlement services for the transactions of personal customers and corporate customers with chartered merchants on the internet. You can stay indoors and have access to "secure, convenient and expedited" online shopping services and enjoy the convenience that the e-era has to offer.

Tips: Please do not use the birthday, telephone number, serial numbers in ID certificate, or other numbers that can be easily guessed as the password.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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