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Chuan Shi Zhi Bao - Physical Gold Business

The "Chuan Shi Zhi Bao" physical gold business is a physical gold buy-in (repurchase) and sell-out service by Agricultural Bank of China with the investors through the designated operating institutions, while we own this brand on an independent basis. It can satisfy various demands including collection, gift-giving and investment.
"Chuan Shi Zhi Bao" physical gold business consists of two varieties now, i.e. golden bar and golden calf with the form of golden bar in six specifications of 20 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams, 500 grams and 1 kilogram and the latter in the specification of 10 grams. We will also market the themed commemorative gold bars with limited issues. Please visit our website for details.
1. "Chuan Shi Zhi Bao" physical gold is a proprietary personal physical gold product that is released by Agricultural Bank of China and registered with the State Trademark Bureau. The four characters Chuan, Shi, Zhi and Bao were written by Mr. Han Meilin, a famous painter in China and also the designer of the Olympic mascot Fuwa, boasting high value for collection.
2. "Chuan Shi Zhi Bao" physical gold is produced by complicated and state-of-the-art forging technology with beautiful look. The four characters Chuan, Shi, Zhi and Bao are on its front side, while the logo, name of Agricultural Bank of China, weight, purity, anti-fake label and SN. of golden bar are on the reverse side. The golden bar is in the shape of rectangle and the golden calf is round but hollow.
3. The purity of "Chuan Shi Zhi Bao" physical gold is 99.99% with the quality verification certificate. It is offered at a favorable price, following the gold price in the international market.
4. "Chuan Shi Zhi Bao" physical gold has the repurchase certificate and can be bought back simply in all the designated outlets. It can be honored freely within the trading hours at a lower cost and through easy procedures.
5. We offer cheaper price for VIP customers and large-value purchases. If a customer is both a VIP and buyer in large quantity, then he will obtain the biggest discount.
6. "Chuan Shi Zhi Bao" physical gold has the common characteristics of physical gold investment, e.g. preservation, appreciation, convenient transfer, reasonable tax avoidance, strong ability for circulation and honoring, high pledged ratio. It is the best business for pledge and investment return when gold price rises.

I. Purchase procedures
1. Customers select the gold product at the exhibition counter of designated outlet or in the product handbook.
2. Customers fill in and submit the purchase voucher, while we inquire the product cost and the current-day sell-out price and submit to the business system for handling.
3. Customers settle with us, while we register the gold product information and give the product and invoice to customers.
Ⅱ. Repurchase procedures
1. The customer brings the original purchase voucher, invoice, verification certificate, repurchase certificate, debit card of Agricultural Bank of China, the gold product in intact package and with good anti-fake label to the designated outlet, fills in the gold repurchase voucher and gives the voucher and gold product to the bank staff.
2. We verify the gold product according to the due procedures of enterprise, reclaim and register the product that meets the repurchase standards.
3. We inquire the current-day buy-in price and submit to the business system for handling.
4. We settle with the customer.

1. Investors shall be fully aware of the risks inherent in gold price fluctuation. Before investment, investors shall develop a relatively complete understanding of international gold market and be familiar with the trading rules of Chuan shi Zhi bao.
2. "Chuan Shi Zhi Bao" is offered in RMB/gram, and the minimum unit for price change is RMB0.01.
3. As for repurchase, investors shall bring the debit card of Agricultural Bank of China, "Chuan Shi Zhi Bao" golden bar and corresponding verification certificate, original of repurchase certificate, and show the original transaction voucher of golden bar. Investors shall keep the original package, anti-fake label and external face intact. We shall have the right to verify the golden bar.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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