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Golden Key-Overseas Student Services

The Golden Key-Overseas Student Services is an integrated financial solution for individual customers who plan to study aboard and who prefer to exercise independent control over their financial affairs. The Golden Key package includes a number of personal local and foreign currency products: loans for study abroad, deposit certificates, loan certificates, reservations for opening an account with a foreign bank (UK Barclays Bank or US Wells Fargo), Credit Kins Card, purchases of foreign exchange for private purposes, telegraphic transfers, demand drafts and Western Union Money Transfer. The Golden Key package provides tailored consulting services and financial products for all stages of the overseas college experience: the VISA application process, college admissions procedures, and the years of living abroad. Golden Key services helps our customers realize their dream of studying abroad. Presently, Golden Key-Overseas Student Services are available at more than ten of our branches around China. 

Reservation for account with a foreign bank, a major component of Golden Key-Overseas Student Services, is a type of innovative foreign exchange service jointly launched by our overseas correspondent banks and us. By making a reservation in our Financial Services Center for Overseas Students, you will have an account with the foreign bank before going abroad. You may open an account with UK Barclays Bank or with US Well Fargo Bank. Thus, you may easily and directly transfer your tuition and allowance to the overseas account instead of taking a lot of cash or opening a bank draft. In this way, you can enjoy value-added services at home and abroad without spending time on the complex procedures for opening an account abroad. Furthermore, our correspondent banks are all internationally leading commercial banks with extensive retail networks, which can directly provide you with many sophisticated financial services during your years of study abroad.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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