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Document-based Savings Bonds

With fixed face value and interest rate,Document-based Savings Bonds are issued by the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the obligatory rights are recorded in paper-based payment voucher. Interest of such bonds is accrued from the date of purchase. Although untradable and untransferable, these bonds can be registered and reported for loss. A redemption before maturity is also allowed, and the principal and interest calculated according to the holding period and applicable interest rate will be paid. 

Similar to savings yet more superior than savings, document-based savings bonds are ideal investment instrument for the wage-earner and the elderly people who are not good at wealth management and pursue stable investment returns.
1. High credit rating. Unlike savings based on bank credit, document-based savings bonds which are distributed by commercial banks and post savings bureaus represent country credit and zero risk.
2. A large number of distribution outlets. You can easily purchase these bonds in an outlet nearby.
3. Flexible cashing and sound safety. Although these bonds can't be traded in the market, when necessary, you may redeem these bonds for cash at the outlet where you purchase them. In case you lose relevant vouchers, you may report the loss at the purchase outlet to ensure your investment safe.
4. Remarkable return. The return of these bonds is higher than the post-tax interest income of deposit with the same term. In case of advance redemption, interest is calculated according to the holding time based rate grade, much higher than interest of bank deposit in the same circumstances.
5. Great finance function. These bonds are a sound financing instrument, which can be taken as collaterals to apply for pledge loans in the bank where you purchase the bonds. 

1. Purchase.Complete the Deposit Slip. Your identity document or your proxy's identity document (in case you appoint a proxy) is also required.
2. Redemption. You may redeem the bonds at any outlet under the same provincial branch with your Payment Voucher and reserved password. If you select certificate or authorized seal as the way of control, then the redemption is accepted in the original outlet only. In case you redeem the bonds later than the maturity, no more interest will be paid. 

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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