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Bond Market Express

In accordance with the policy of the People's Bank of China authorizing enterprises and institutions to enter the inter-bank bonds market by agency settlement, the Agricultural Bank of China has developed the Bond Market Express service to provide our customers access to the bonds market and services related to bonds asset operation. 

With a focus on agency settlement of bonds, our Bond Market Express service provides our customers access to the inter-bank bonds market and improves their cash management, investment portfolios, and liquidity management by fully capitalizing on market resources and bond products. This ultimately returns to our customers' financial income and also efficiently cuts down on costs. 

1. Safe investment. Listed at the inter-bank bonds market, these bonds' features include high credit rating, little fluctuation, controllable market risk, and safe principal.
2. Stable return. Interest on these bonds is paid on a regular basis.
3. Sound liquidity. In case of any emergency need for cash, these bonds may be sold, cost-efficiently and conveniently, for cash. They may also be repurchased. 

Principal-protected investment with fixed return.
Principal-protected investment with floating return.

Open a C-Category Bonds Custody Account. You may then conveniently purchase bonds through this account.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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