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Products and Services

I. Financial management services
Comprehensive financial planning tailored to your personal and household business development needs include wealth management planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, children's education planning, cash management, and financing service. We aim to help you control your financial position and reach your financial goals at each stage.
II. Asset management services
Customization of risk-return balanced financial products from the perspective of global asset allocation. You can rely on ABC's quality products and service platforms and our third party partners to provide assistance to your planned diversification of assets so as to maintain and increase asset value and reach other specific targets.
III. Advisory and consulting services
Well-known experts in the fields of economics, finance, taxation, law, art and other collectibles, as well as a wide range of other experts, offer you tailored professional, consulting services as well as a variety of research information and reports, to meet the goals of your diversified strategy.
IV. Cross-border financial services
Together with ABC's correspondent banking relationship with recognized foreign banks, ABC's cross-border services provide you with international financial solutions including cross-border investment and financing, offshore trusts, immigration advice. You and your family can enjoy private banking privileges while abroad.
V. Private value-added services
Pre-screened, quality third-party service resources furnish with health management, business travel and conference planning, customized personal travel, business aircraft, and other high-quality featured value-added services, to enrich your life.
VI. Other special services available from ABC Private Banking
The Bund Art Center
The Bund Art Center, co-founded with the China National Art Gallery, the only national art creation and research institution directly under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture, provides you with professional and unique services on calligraphy and painting for your appreciation and collection. Artists-consultants employed by the academy will assist your appreciation, collection, and investment in masterpieces of painting and calligraphy.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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