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Replacement Personal Housing Loan


The Replacement Personal Housing Loan is a loan issued to a natural person who has purchased and fully paid for a residential housing unit through self-raised money. The title deed is then obtained for the purpose of repaying his/her debts incurred from the housing purchase.


1. Replacement personal housing loan is available for either new or resold housing;

2. Replacement personal housing loan is custom-tailored to fit the customer when the housing unit is purchased without a mortgage loan;

3. Replacement personal housing loan is available under the same conditions as offered by home mortgage loans in terms of loan amount, tenor, interest rate, monthly installment amount, and repayment mode. 

Documents Required for the Application

To apply for the replacement personal housing loan, you only need to fill out the Personal Property Loan Application Form of the Agricultural Bank of China and the Statement of Loan Purposes, and also submit the following documents:

1. Identity certificate and household register of the borrower;

2. Certificate of marital status;

3. Certificate of repayment ability of the borrower;

4. A legally binding housing purchase contract made between the borrower and the housing unit seller;

5. Title deed and the certificate of deed tax payment for the housing unit purchased;

6. If the collateral is co-owned, a written consent to the use of property as collateral signed by the co-owner at our outlet or a notarized written certificate is required;

7. If the loan is co-borrowed, the documentary evidence of the co-borrower’s ability to repay is required;

8. Other documents required by ABC.


The borrower files an application for the replacement personal housing loan and submits relevant documents → ABC investigates, reviews and approves → The borrower enters into the loan contract and registers collateral → ABC issues the loan → The borrower repays the loan principal and accrued interest → The borrower completes formalities for full settlement of the loan

Follow-up Services Available

1. Access to fixed/mixed interest rate of a personal housing loan, wealth management account linked housing loan account, or a revolving personal housing loan.

2. Access to preferences available for a personal housing loan offered by ABC.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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