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Personal Comprehensive Consumer Loan



The Personal Comprehensive Consumer Loan is an RMB loan issued by ABC to the borrower for specific consumption purposes, including home improvement, parking space purchase, purchase of durable consumer goods, travel, overseas study, marriage, healthcare, purchase of high-value life insurance and other personal consumptions.


1. Available for a broad range of consumptions to address your living difficulties.

2. Loan limit is determined from various perspectives to offer you the maximum amount. The loan limit may be determined by credit standing, pledge, mortgage or guarantee, or any combination of the four on an accumulative basis.

3. Draw down and repay the loan at any time. The loan limit may be drawn down in a lump sum, or used as a line of credit that can be used recurrently for a specific term. 

4. The maximum line of credit is permitted or not.

Qualifications of Borrower 

1. Stable income streams, able to repay principal and interest on the loan on time.

2. Good ethics, law abiding, free of any illegal act or bad credit record.

3. The borrower has opened and maintained a demand deposit account or Kins card account with ABC, and has deposited in the account the mortgage registration fee, notarization fee, insurance premium and other fees required for making the loan.

4. Able to provide ABC-approved valid security by guarantee, mortgage or pledge, or eligible for unsecured loan.

5. Other conditions required by ABC.

Term and Interest Rate of the Loan

The loan term is typically one to three years. Interest rate is as announced by PBOC for loans of the same class and for the same period, subject to the variable range and adjustment prescribed by PBOC and ABC.


1. The customer applies for the personal comprehensive consumer loan and submits relevant documents;

2. ABC goes through investigation, review and approval processes;

3. ABC and the borrower enter into the loan contract;

4. Go through mortgage or pledge processes, if applicable;

5. Release the loan in a lump sump, or offer a credit line available for multiple drawdowns within the specified period;

6. The borrower repays principal and interest on the loan in the agreed manner;

7. Loan is fully settled.


1. How to drawn down a revolving line of credit for comprehensive consumer loans within the loan limit?

For each drawdown of the revolving line of credit, the borrower should fill out the Application Form and provide his or her valid identity certificate, the Personal Loan Contract and certificate of drawdown purposes. The loan will be released after ABC investigates, reviews and approves the application.

2. Who are illegible for the personal comprehensive consumer loan?

ABC immediately rejects the application filed by any person who has any arrears or has any bad credit record for three consecutive and six accumulative periods.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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