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Wang Pu Loan

Wang Pu Loan, also called personal commercial property pledged loan, refers to specific-purpose loans made to borrowers who mortgage leased commercial property using property owned by his/her own or spouse as collateral.
1. Large amount: The maximum loan that can be applied for is in an amount that equals up to 60% of the appraised value of the mortgaged commercial property, without upper limit.
2. Long term: The loan term may be extended to a maximum of 10 years.
3. Low interest rate: “Installment mortgage loan” enjoy the same interest rate as for personal commercial property, and other loans may enjoy corresponding discounts offered by ABC.
4. Diversified purposes: The loan can be used to buy other commercial properties, repay the debts of buying the commercial property or other commercial properties, or to remodel or decorate the commercial property.
5. Simplified formalities: With the rent of the mortgaged property as the main source of repayment, the borrower is not required to provide a business license or other business certificates.
Qualifications of borrowers
1. Be less than 60 years old;
2. With sound personal credit standing;
3. Be able to provide commercial property with the ownership of his/her own or spouse along a street as the mortgage;
4. The mortgaged property has been leased and normally operated with a rent basically covering the monthly repayment;
5. Agree to open a lease income regulatory account with ABC and accept ABC’s supervision.
The customer submits the application for the personal commercial property pledged loan and submits relevant documents → ABC goes through review and approval → ABC signs loan contract and supplementary agreements with the borrower → Perform guarantee and insurance formalities → ABC grants the loan
Required documents
1. Identity certificates of the borrower and his/her spouse;
2. Marital status certification of the borrower;
3. Repayment certification of the borrower;
4. Real estate ownership certificate of the mortgaged property and formal, signed legal agreement on the mortgage from the owner;

5. Lease contract and rent income proof;
6. Loan purpose proof; 
7. Other documents as required by the lending bank.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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