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Kins Tongbao VIP Gold Card


The Kins Tongbao VIP Card is a bank card brand offered by ABC to its high-net-worth customers, designed to provide cardholders with considerate services in terms of wealth management, business activity, daily life as well as entertainment and to create an exclusive service and communication platform.


Kins Tongbao VIP Card identifies you as VIP customer of ABC, offers you preferences, discounts as well as value added and exclusive services and provides you with access to events organized exclusively for our VIP cardholders.

Kins Tongbao VIP Card is also a standard bank debit card that features multiple accounts under one card, diverse functions and combination of home and foreign currencies. Whoever holds the card enjoys a full range of 24*7 services.


Fill out the Personal Settlement Account Application Form, and submit the completed application form to your local outlet of ABC that offers VIP card services together with your valid identity certificate. We will issue the Kins card to you if your eligibility is affirmed.

Who is eligible for a Kins Gold Card?

1. The customer who has over RMB200,000 or above in deposit with ABC;

2. The customer who has over RMB200,000 in deposit with the card issuing outlet of ABC on average during the 90-day period before the date of application;

3. Other customers directly approved by the Head Office.


Premium services

* Banking services are available to you from the VIP passage at designated outlets of ABC.

Discounts and exemptions

* 50% discount on the fees charged on inter-city card-based cash deposit (into a gold card);

* 50% discount on the fees charged on inter-city over-the-counter deposit (into a gold card, with card swiped on the scene) by transfer;

* Exempt from the gold card cost, card loss reporting fee and password loss reporting fee;

* 50% discount on the online banking USB-KEY fee;

* 50% discount on the fee charged on issuing the certificate of bank balance;

* 50% discount on the safe deposit box service fee;

* 50% discount on credit reference fees.

Real-time account monitoring

You will receive mobile SMS messages informing you of any change in your account, making your card safer.

Statement service

You will receive our bank statements for your gold card free of charge.

Wealth management information service

We will keep you updated on wealth management information including stocks, Treasury Bond, funds, insurance, foreign exchange, gold and other personal financial products. 

Preferential merchant

You will enjoy preferences or discounts at thousands of preferential merchants across the country with your gold card.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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