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College Student Card

The College Student Card, a UnionPay standard credit card, has all the basic functions of a Kins credit card. Designed exclusively for college students, this card provides college students with convenient financial services and helps them develop the philosophyof credit consumption.
The card design is inspired by the letter "U" which represents University, Unique, Up and Useful, and portrays vividly the features of college students.
The unique card has bright colors and attractive patterns. The face of the card features a flower consisting of four U-shaped petals symbolizing colorful campus life along with the flower's pistil. Furthermore, the petals and the pistil form a person with stretching arms, indicating energetic and dynamic college students. Three colors of silver, pink and black are available.
1) Preferential treatment for card application
You only need to present your Student ID Card (or Admission Notice for freshmen) and photocopy of identity certificate to apply for the College Student Card without a guarantor or deposit, and can enjoy bonus points after consumption with the card.
2) Long grace period
You can enjoy a 56-day grace period, longer than that provided by other domestic banks.
3) Favorable fees and commissions
You will be exempt from an annual fee for the first year, and do not need to pay an annual fee for the following year provided that the card is used five times or more. No fees are charged for inter-city or intra-city deposit (repayment). During the promotion period, intra-city withdrawal through the ABC banking system is free of charge.
4) Real-time SMS banking service
ABC will inform you of account changes and promotions in real-time fashion.
5) Convenient repayment
Repayment can be done through our outlets, ATMs, online banking, telephone banking or automatic transfer. The credit card can also be bound with your Kins campus card (if any) for automatic repayment, providing worry relief during vacations.
6) Credit report
We will issue a credit report for students with good credit record and help with establishing your credit record even as a student.
7) Satisfying customer service
From anywhere, you can call our 24-hour, 7 days a week customer service center for all-around services.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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