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Regular Debit Service

The Regular Debit Service means ABC transfers the payer's money into the payee's account, at an agreed time, under instructions of the payee.

As a timely settlement of funds, it is timesaving, convenient and quick. It also facilitates central fund management by the payee.

Target Customers
Target customers include government agencies, enterprises and other economic organizations.

1. The Regular Debit Service generally applies to periodical inter-bank collection of telecom fees, utilities fees, administrative charges, tuitions, etc.
2. To apply for the Regular Debit Service, the customer should open an account with ABC and enter into a tripartite agreement (or contract), in regard to collection agency, with ABC and the payer.
3. The Regular Debit Service supports bulk imports and item-by-item manual entries.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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