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Promissory Note


The Promissory Note is an instrument issued by a bank that promises to pay unconditionally a specific amount to the beneficiary or bearer at sight.


It is payable at sight and has a high assurance of payment.

Target Customers

Enterprises and individual customers within the same clearing area.


1. Promissory notes may be used for funds transfer. Promissory notes bearing the word "cash" may also be used for cash withdrawal, but the applicant and the beneficiary of a "cash" bank draft must be individual customers.

2. Promissory notes may be transferred by endorsement, unless they bear the word "cash".

3. The presentation period of promissory notes is two months following the issuing date.

4. If the bearer maintains a deposit account with the bank where he presents the promissory note for payment, the bearer should affix his signature/seal in the "presentment signature/seal of bearer" section on the back of the draft. The presentation signature/seal must be identical to the specimen signature/seal previously provided to the bank. If an individual bearer presents the promissory note bearing the word "cash" to a bank other than his account-opening bank for cash withdrawal, he should affix his signature/seal on the back of the promissory note indicating the type, number and issuer of his identity certificate.

5. In the event that the promissory note is lost, the party losing it may request payment or refunding by presenting to the issuing bank a certificate issued by the people's court that demonstrates his/her right to the promissory note.
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