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Export Letter of Credit


The Export Letter of Credit (L/C) is a L/C settlement service provided by ABC as the exporter's bank in accordance with the documentary L/C opened by the importer's bank. Export L/C mainly provides services, such as L/C advice,cancellation, transfer, documents examination, sending documents for reimbursement, and collection of payment.


1. The issuing bank provides bank credit in place of the importer's commercial credit, and makes a conditional commitment to payment. 

2. Customers may obtain an unconditional commitment to payment from the issuing bank as long as they guarantee the quality of their documents, which is, in fact, under their full control.

3. In general, the L/C is opened at the cost of the importer.

4. Once customers have received the L/C, the importer has basically completed their formalities for import, ensuring the performance of the contract.

5. Customers may apply to ABC for pre-export or post-export financing, with the export L/C and documents under the L/C.


1. ABC notifies the customer after receiving the L/C from the issuing bank.

2. The customer delivers documents to ABC.

3. ABC examines the documents and, if any discrepancies are found, advises the customer to replace the documents immediately.

4. ABC sends the documents to the issuing bank for reimbursement.

5. After receiving the payment from overseas, the customer goes through the formalities for foreign exchange sale or crediting, and international payment declaration in accordance with the national foreign exchange policy.


1. We suggest that customers avoid "soft clause" L/C when negotiating with the importer. Furthermore, customers should identify a safe and quick reimbursement method to ensure secure collection of payment.

2. For documents examination, customers need to submit: (1) Contact Form of Documents Presentation; (2) a complete set of documents under the L/C; and (3) the original L/C.

3. If customers insist on providing documents with discrepancies, trade finance will become difficult to conduct.

4. We will process the foreign exchange collection, the foreign exchange sale and the crediting in accordance with the foreign exchange administration rules of the State. 

5. To cancel the L/C, customers should provide: (1) the application for L/C cancellation; and (2) the original L/C and its attachments. The L/C will not be cancelled until the issuing bank confirms its cancellation.
Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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