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Bank-customs Express

The Bank-customs Express is a product developed by ABC for online payment of customs duties and charges based on the financial service platform. It enables the interconnectivity between the Customs, China E-Port Information Data Center and ABC business system, and facilitates the importers/exporters to pay customs duties and charges online in real time. It also realizes electronic declaration and paper-free customs clearance.

1. Guarantee service available. ABC provides customs duties and charges guarantees for excellent exporters.
2. Whole country coverage of network. Customs duties can be paid anywhere with Internet access.
3. Fast and easy operation procedures. Based on the Windows operating system and IE or other browsers, the system is easy to operate. It takes only a few minutes to complete the transaction, without visiting the Customs office or the bank counter for duties payment.
4. Available 24-hour service. The customs duties and charges can be paid online anytime.

1. The customer signs the Agreement on Online Payment of Customs Duties and Charges with ABC.
2. The customer declares and files the customs duties information.
3. The customer logs on to the China E-Port website for customs duties and charges payment notice, designates the payment bank and payment account, and then sends the payment instructions to China E-Port.
4. ABC withholds the customs duties and charges.
5. The customer inspects and releases the goods.
6. ABC deducts the customs duties and charges.
7. ABC sends designated personnel to the Customs for the hard copy of customs duties and charges payment voucher for crediting and clearing; then, the paid duties and charges are credited to the Treasury.
8. The hardcopy voucher is returned to the customer after affixed with the business seal of ABC.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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