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Agency Collection of Non-Tax Fiscal Revenue

Agency Collection of Non-Tax Fiscal Revenue is a service provided by ABC for the fiscal authority to collect non-tax revenues. ABC banking offices timely transfer the amount received to the designated fiscal accounts at the end of each business day and report the summarized payment information to the fiscal authority at the same time, thus keeping the fiscal authority fully informed of the collection of all non-tax revenues.

It ensures collection and transfer of non-tax fiscal revenues in a secure, accurate and timely manner, and enables the fiscal authority to have updated information of the non-tax revenues collection.

1. The fiscal authority opens the special fiscal account and the fiscal transfer account for the authority responsible for collection of such revenue with relevant ABC outlets in accordance with the agency agreement with ABC and the Administrative Rules for RMB Bank Settlement Accounts.
2. The payer or the authority responsible for collection makes payment at an ABC outlet with the General Certificate of Payment of Non-tax Fiscal Revenue. Then ABC credits the amounts paid, in accordance with the applicable rules of the fiscal authority, with the fiscal transfer accounts for the authorities responsible for collection opened by the fiscal authority or the accounts designated by the fiscal authority.
3. At the end of each business day, each of ABC outlets automatically transfers all amounts in all fiscal transfer accounts to the special fiscal account so that the balance of fiscal transfer accounts becomes zero. At the same time, all relevant information is transmitted completely and accurately to the branch where the special fiscal account is opened.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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