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Witness of Registered Capital


The Witness of Registered Capital is a service where ABC, under entrustment of the administrative authority for industry and commerce, verifies and appraises the authenticity and legality of the proprietary capital of legal person entities that apply for registration or have registered. This service is designed for the verification of the registered capital of new enterprises, public institutions, private and individual businesses, as well as for the verification of the registered capital change of enterprises and public institutions that have registered.


1. Verify the authenticity of the registered capital.
2. Verify the legality of the source of the registered capital.


1. Application: The applicant needs to complete the application fields in the capital verification report, affixed with corporate seal and personal seal of the responsible person. The enterprise to be incorporated should submit also the approval documents from relevant authorities and the written description of the sources of funds.
2. Account opening: The enterprise opens a special account with ABC for capital verification after depositing the registered capital.
3. Account closing: When the enterprise has been duly incorporated, it can transfer the registered capital at the bank it originally made deposits with by presenting the business license, bank approval for account opening and bank deposit receipt of the capital verification account.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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