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Regular Financial Advisory Services

Regular financial advisory services are standard, daily financial advisory services leveraging our expertise, industry experience as well as human and financial resources in the forms of written reports, meetings and topical trainings through ABC network, telephone and facsimile, etc. The services include policy analysis, release of financial product information, financial consultation, financial analysis, financial topical training and advisory support. 

1.As "housekeeper" of our customers, we set up a competent team to provide value-added service to help our customers raise funds at low costs, manage wealth for high returns, and standardize financial management.
2.By the content of online and offline services, regular financial advisory services are classified into general, golden and platinum services. Our customers' opinions and comments will be fed back timely pursuant to the agreement.

1. We offer relevant policy information and professional analysis.
2. We have the latest development of financial products and professional consulting services.
3. We deliver professional diagnosis and analysis in respect to business management and financial operation.
4. We provide comprehensive resource support leveraging our relations with government and partners. 

1. Serving customers in various industries, we have thorough insight into industry status, future trend, policy direction and our customers' managerial deficiencies.
2. As a large state-owned commercial bank, we maintain close relations with government agencies and have access to a wide range of sources and information;
3. We have a broad network that enables effective allocation of resources in providing quick and convenient service to our customers.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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