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Investment and Financing Advisory

ABC offers tailored and differentiated investment and financing advisory services for customers or projects according to the actual conditions and specific requirements of customers.

Services Available
Financing advisory service includes general financing advisory service and project financing advisory service. The former refers to the design of comprehensive loans or structured financing solutions for customers based on their overall demands for funds. The latter covers the offering of package financing solutions for the new projects, renovation and/or expansion projects of customers, including project feasibility appraisal, design of project capital structure, design of security solutions, design of project financing model, and participation in financing negotiation.
Investment advisory service covers solicitation and screening of investment targets, project feasibility study, assistance in due diligence, valuation, investment solution design, project negotiation and project implementation according to the development strategy and demand of customers.

A specialized team
. ABC has a specialized team with expertise in financing and investment services which is able to provide professional services tailored to the customer.
A variety of services. With a solid capital base and diversified business lines, ABC is able to help customers implement their financing plans.
A huge customer base and extensive network. Leveraging a huge customer base and extensive network, ABC is able to help customers implement their investment plans.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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