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CDM Carbon Emission Reduction Financial Advisory Services


The Kyoto Protocol that took effect in February 2005 sets out that developed countries shall fulfill certain emission reduction tasks during the first commitment period (2008-2012) through the clean development mechanism (CDM) and others. Developed countries trade carbon emission reduction with developing countries by purchasing certified (greenhouse gas) emission reduction (CER) using money and technology, thereby fulfilling their emission reduction tasks. 


ABC assists enterprises in applying for domestic approval and UN registration of CDM projects and completing CDM transactions leveraging our extensive banking experience and sound cooperation with the National Development and Reform Commission, UN CDM Executive Board, and CER buyers. ABC mainly provides advisory services such as CDM project consulting, project application, identification of and coordination with intermediaries, project registration, project execution, identification of buyers, adjustment of project documents, and allocation of financial supports.


Strengths in information – finding the best project at the lowest costs. ABC has a solid customer base and abundant network resources. Quality CDM projects are concentrated in wind power, hydropower, steel and cement industries, areas where ABC boasts particular strengths. The best timing for CDM project development is during project preparation (i.e., at the early stage of a loan application).

Extensive banking experience – reducing project risks. ABC is the first to develop CDM financial advisory services among commercial banks in China. Since the business was introduced, ABC branches have had more than ten projects in operation and over 30 projects in reserve.

Comprehensive financial services. ABCprovides the customers with financial services including a solution package covering loans and financing leases – services not yet readily available from other institutions.

Sound reputation. ABC's sound reputation and proven experience in this market provides our customers and their partners with reliability and convenience.
Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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