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Jing Wai Bao-Overseas Wealth Management (QDII)

The "Jing Wai Bao" Overseas Wealth Management (QDII) is a service where ABC invests in designated financial products abroad by using the RMB and foreign currency funds of investors. QDII stands for Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor.

"Jing Wai Bao" is a proprietary brand of ABC in overseas wealth management. As a QDII, ABC brings together RMB and foreign currency funds from domestic institutions and individuals, and invests in international financial markets. This enables investors to access extensive investment channels and share greater returns while taking on only a certain level of risks. The return level is dependent on the level of risks involved.
The features of "Jing Wai Bao" are as follows:
1. Rational investment. This product invests in advanced markets abroad and generates long-term stable returns.
2. Professional operation. It enters investment fields that retail investors typically cannot access and enables them to share the yield of our professional management.
3. Flexible portfolios. Various types of products and currencies are available for customers to select for their portfolio.
4. Diversified risks. It spreads and then minimizes risks of the personal investment portfolio through asset allocation.
5. Secure investment. Current products are generally USD principal guaranteed upon maturity or are eligible for hedging against RMB appreciation or exchange rate risks.
6. Competitive fees. Generally, no fixed management fee is charged, rather, a floating management fee based on a certain percentage of the USD investment return is charged.

To subscribe to the overseas wealth management products issued by ABC, the domestic institution needs to open with ABC an RMB and foreign currency settlement account and sign the Agreement on Overseas Wealth Management of ABC (Domestic Institutions) (ABC (2007) 5103-1).
To redeem the overseas wealth management products issued by ABC, the domestic individual or institution needs to complete the Power of Attorney for the Redemption of Overseas Wealth Management Products (ABC (2007) 5103-2).

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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