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Corporate RMB Wealth Management Scheme

The Corporate RMB Wealth Management Scheme is a financial service where ABC, based on the financial status, asset allocation, and risk appetite of the customer, invests the idle funds of the customer in domestic and overseas money market and capital market through various financial instruments such as trust and/or fund accounts, with a view to improving the return on assets for the customer.

1.ABC helps the customer identify their risk appetite based on personal financial conditions.
2.ABC helps the customer design and set out an asset management (wealth management) plan based on personal risk appetite and asset management (wealth management) timing.
3.ABC helps the customer select financial institutions qualified for asset management (wealth management), including ABC, to implement the asset management (wealth management) plan.

1.The customer proposes the financial objectives for asset management (wealth management).
2.ABC designs and sets out asset management (wealth management) plans appropriate for the customer based on the risk appetite assessment.
3.The customer signs an asset management (wealth management) agreement with ABC.
4.ABC provides asset management (wealth management) services to the customer in accordance with the agreement.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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