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Working Capital Loan

The Working Capital Loan is granted to satisfy the borrower's need for temporary working capital during normal production and operation.

The Working Capital Loan can be either a short-term loan or a mid-term loan. Short-term working capital loans have a term of less than one year (inclusive) while the mid-term working capital loan has a term of one (exclusive) to three years (inclusive). 

The Working Capital Loan can satisfy the borrower's financing need for RMB and foreign currency due to its lack of working capital during production or operation. 

1. Submit the written application.
2. Provide the following documents: 
· Relevant materials of the borrower including the business license, articles of association, certificate of legal representative or power of attorney of the borrower.
· The financial statements and production and operation reports of the borrower and guarantor in recent years.
· The checklist of collaterals and pledges, the certificate of approvals by the mortgagor, the pledgor or the guarantor.
· Valid documents related to the Working Capital Loan such as the purchase and sales contract, import/export permits, and approval for foreign exchange use.
· The Loan Certificate (card) issued by the People's Bank of China.
· Other documents as required by ABC.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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