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Commercial Property Mortgage Loan

Commercial property means the property for business and/or office purposes which has been completed and put into use with standardized operation and management, stable operating profit, adequate cash flow and good comprehensive income. Commercial properties include shopping centers, office buildings, star-grade hotels, multipurpose commercial facilities, etc.

The Commercial Property Mortgage Loan is granted to qualified owners of commercial properties who put up their commercial properties as collateral, and repay the mortgage loan with the operating revenue from their commercial properties. 

The Commercial Property Mortgage Loan can satisfy the need for capital during the operating period. In regards to self-built properties, the owner can use the loan to repay debts from sources other than banks.
The Commercial Property Mortgage Loan may be customized in loan term and amount according to the demand of the owner, the rent income from the property and the value of the property.

Basic procedures include: application and acceptance → credit investigation (assessment) → credit examination, review and approval → grant of loan → follow-up management → loan repayment.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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