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Shipping Guarantee

The Shipping Guarantee is issued by ABC upon the customer's request for the purpose of receiving goods which has reached the port, while the original bill of lading under the L/C, issued in favor of the customer, has not been received. The customer can take the delivery of goods from the carrier with the shipping guarantee, then exchange with the shipping guarantee upon receiving the original bill of lading.
Customers can take the delivery of goods in time without ballast; this minimizes the warehousing costs due to the deferred delivery of goods at port and avoids losses as a result of the changes in market conditions and in the quality of goods. It also enables customers to reduce the funds occupation and improve cash flow. 
1. ABC receives the customer's Application for Issuing Shipping Guarantee, the duplicate invoice, and the copies of the bill of lading as well as other relevant documents.
2. ABC requires the customer to render the security for payment such as guarantees.
3. After the application is approved, ABC issues the shipping guarantee to the customer for taking delivery of goods from the carrier.
4. The customer takes the shipping guarantee back with the original bill of lading and returns the shipping guarantee to ABC for deregistration.
1. In order to obtain a shipping guarantee, the following conditions must be satisfied: 1) the trade is an offshore trade; 2) the port of destination is in China; and 3) the payment is made through a letter of credit which requires a full set of original loaded bills of lading and is issued by ABC.
2. In the case of discrepancies between the original bill of lading received and the documents submitted by you for application of the shipping guarantee, ABC will refuse to make a payment until the relevant information is verified.
3. Customers are required to take the shipping guarantee back from the shipping company with the original bill of lading and return the shipping guarantee to ABC for deregistration.
Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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