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Non-standard Warehouse Receipt Pledged Credit Facility

The Non-standard Warehouse Receipt Pledged Credit Facility refers to a credit granted to the borrower against a pledge of warehouse receipts issued by the warehouse keeper for the pledgor in accordance with the supervision agreement signed among ABC, the pledgor, and the warehouse keeper. Such credit facilities are limited to short-term working capital loans, bill acceptances, commercial acceptances, bill discounting, non-financing letters of guarantee with a term no longer than one year, sight letters of credit, usance letters of credit with a term no longer than 180 days, and other short-term trade finance instruments under international settlement that ABC is approved to launch.

It provides short-term funding for enterprises with large volumes of fund flows and inventories but low valuation of fixed assets and therefore with little access to traditional collateral-backed loans.

1. The customer applies to ABC in writing.
2. The customer provides the following documents:
· The photocopy of the warehouse receipts to be pledged
· The copy of the warehousing contract
· The purchase and sales agreement, relevant invoices and tax payment documentation for the goods under the warehouse receipts, the approval documents for imports, the valid approval documents for use of foreign exchange, and relevant documents of customs clearance in the case of imported goods under the warehouse receipts.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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