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Corporate Demand Deposit

The Corporate Demand Deposit refers to money deposited in the settlement account opened with ABC by enterprises, government agencies, armies, social organizations and other economic entities (hereinafter the "depositor"), without a fixed term and can be transferrable or withdrawn upon demand at any time.
The Corporate Settlement Account refers to demand deposit accounts opened with ABC for the purpose of receiving, paying and settling funds. It is classified into four types: basic deposit account, general deposit account, temporary deposit account and special deposit account.
The Basic Deposit Account is opened for day-to-day transfer or cash receipt and payment.
The General Deposit Account is opened with a banking institution other than the basic deposit account opening bank. Cash withdrawal is not allowed under this account.
The Special Deposit Account is opened in accordance with laws, regulations and policies for managing and using special-purpose funds.
The Temporary Deposit Account is opened for temporary needs and usable for a specified time. 

1. Flexible and convenient deposit or withdrawal.
2. Tailored to depositors' needs for day-to-day receipt and payment and placement of idle funds.
3. Interest income exempt from interest income tax. 

1. The depositor completes the Account Opening Application Form and provides required certificates or documents.
2. The depositor provides the authorized seal card, including the financial seal, the legal representative seal (or chief officer's seal), subject to the review and consent by ABC.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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