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Insurance Funds Custody


The Insurance Funds Custody is a service where ABC keeps custody of the insurance funds and protects legitimate rights and interests of insurance companies pursuant to the Insurance Funds Custody Agreement made with insurance companies.


1. Asset custody and account opening

Open a separate capital account and a securities account for the insurance company to ensure independence, integrity and security of insurance funds.

2. Funds settlement

Complete funds settlement relating to the investment activities of insurance companies (or their investment managers) under their instructions of funds transfer.

3. Accounting and asset valuation

Maintain independent accounts and accounting processes for insurance products as the accounting target, using agreed accounting methods and valuation principles, and regularly valuate assets in our custody.

4. Financial statements

Provide financial statements as required by the regulators with regard to the management needs of insurance companies.

5. Investment oversight

Oversee investing activities of the investment managers pursuant to the requirements of regulatory authorities and the rules of insurance companies to ensure their compliance. 

6. Performance risk assessment

Regularly assess investment performance and risk profile of the investment managers as required by insurance companies.


1. Identify customer needs.

2. Design solutions to insurance funds custody.

3. Fully communicate with the customer.

4. Enter into the insurance funds custody agreement.

5. Open accounts.

6. Take over assets.

7. Keep custody of assets.


The custody may be terminated or transferred, caused by a merger or an acquisition of cooperative insurance companies, due to market reasons; this results in changes in rights and obligations of the two parties, thus, posing certain market risks.
Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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