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Service Channels

ABC provides cash management services through diversified channels, offering secure and easy access to asset management and satisfying various demands of customers.

ABC has over 24,000 institutions across China, including the Head Office, 32 tier-one branches, five branches directly under the Head Office, 307 tier-two branches, 3,506 sub-branches, 20,142 outlets and 71 other institutions. Besides, ABC has two branches and three representative offices overseas.

Bank-Enterprise Express
The Bank-Enterprise Express is a specialized cash management platform for ABC customers, through which ABC provides diversified financial services via the Internet or leased line network. It features customized functions and friendly user interface, and enables customers to enjoy superior cash management services such as settlement, liquidity management, investment and financing without visiting banking outlets.

Bank-Enterprise Connectivity Platform
The Bank-Enterprise Connectivity Platform realizes seamless interlink between the corporate ERP system or financial management system with ABC cash management platform, which enables customers to transmit instructions and data, and enjoy comprehensive financial services provided by ABC in a one-stop manner. The network access can be the Internet or leased lines.

Online Banking
The Corporate Online Banking is a banking service system relying on the Internet technology. Two versions are available now: the standard version and the popularized version. Through corporate online banking, customers can enhance corporate financial management, minimize the time for routine business processing, improve the efficiency of corporate funds, reduce operational costs, and achieve ongoing growth of corporate wealth.

Telephone Banking
Based on the Call Center model, the Telephone Banking comprises both automatic voice service and operator service on a 7x24-hour basis. It is easy in operation, safe, efficient and customer-oriented.

Mobile Banking
The Mobile Banking (WAP) offers services such as account inquiry, transfer, roaming remittance and account management, with a focus on the easy and safe operation. In addition to the verification of mobile phone number, e-banking password and account payment password, the use of dynamic password card further enhances the safety of money during transaction.

Automatic Terminals
ABC provides diversified financial services to corporate and individual customers through a large number of ATMs and POS machines.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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