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Investment and Financing Services

ABC provides diversified investment and financing services to help customers effectively manage positions. ABC provides financing supports in case the customer is short of funds, and offers diversified investment products if the customer has idle money, with the net effect of helping the customer gain higher returns with liquidity guaranteed.

RMB Deposit
Based on the customer's liquidity requirement and risk tolerance, ABC offers RMB deposit products, a type of fundamental wealth management service, mainly including time deposit, call deposit, corporate agreement savings, and negotiated deposit.

1. Time deposit
The time deposit has a fixed term specified by the customer, with the principal and interest paid upon maturity. The term can be three months, six months, one year, two years, three years, or five years.

2. Call deposit
With a higher interest rate than that of the demand deposit, the call deposit has no specified term but requires advance notice to ABC for funds withdrawal. ABC currently provides two types of call deposits: one-day call deposit and seven-day call deposit.

3. Corporate agreement savings

The customer and ABC sign an agreement that set outs the minimum deposit amount and the interest rate. The customer needs to open a corporate agreement savings account.

4. Negotiated deposit

The insurance company and ABC sign an agreement that sets out the interest rate, the term, and other conditions. The customer needs to open a negotiated deposit account and deposit funds as specified in the agreement.

Procedures: The customer submits an application to open an account to ABC with required certificates, relevant documents, the seal card bearing the signature, and seal of the depositor. ABC then reviews the application.

Time/Demand Convertible Deposits
The customer can set a minimum balance requirement for the demand deposit account. When the balance of the demand deposit account minus the preset minimum balance reaches the minimum amount required for the chosen deposit product, the bank system will automatically convert the excess amount into the seven-day call deposit or the time deposit.

This service satisfies the need of the customer for everyday settlement and for the management of idle money with relatively higher returns.

Procedures: The customer submits an application to ABC and signs the relevant agreement. ABC then reviews the application.

Account Overdraft
Subject to the agreement with ABC, the customer may overdraw money when the settlement account does not have enough funds, which shall then be repaid once there are new amounts received within preset terms and limits. The overdraft is on a revolving basis. The intraday overdraft is only subject to an insignificant commission while the overnight overdraft is subject to interest.

Flexible and easy to use, account overdraft helps the customer overcome temporary shortages of funds, and provides a solution for temporary payment.

Procedures: The customer submits an application to ABC, and upon approval, signs the overdraft contract on corporate demand deposit accounts.

Self-service Loan
Subject to the revolving loan contract with ABC, the customer may make a self-service withdrawal and make repayment within a pre-agreed term and limit through various ABC e-banking channels.

Procedures: The customer submits an application to ABC, and upon approval, signs the revolving loan contract.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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