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Brand Overview

The ABC Cash Management Services help facilitate effective asset management for our customers. The services cover account management, payment and collection services, liquidity management, investment and financing services, supply chain financing service, risk management, and combinations of these services.
The brand name of the ABC Cash Management Services is "Xing Yun • Cash Management". In Chinese, "Xing" means "to move" and "Yun" refers to "cloud". The brand concept can be literally interpreted as "with droplets pooling, clouds are formed". ABC's goal is to generate a smooth flow of money and create a pool of wealth for our customers. A large pool of droplets contributes to clouds, which will eventually return to the ground in the form of rain. Like clouds massing, our Cash Management Services help customers accumulate their cash, pool their wealth, and allocate their money. Taoism advocates the philosophy of "following the laws of nature". "Xing Yun • Cash Management" embodies that philosophy to provide smooth, quick, flexible, and convenient services, seeking optimal cash management, and creating value for our corporate customers.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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