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Account Management

ABC offers various services based on settlement accounts to enable customers to have timely knowledge of their account information, build appropriate account systems, effectively control account collection and payment, and make appropriate business decisions.

Opening and Closing of Settlement Accounts
ABC offers high quality and easy opening and closing of settlement accounts denominated in RMB or foreign currencies. 

With the largest outlet network and largest customer base in China, ABC offers diversified settlement products and provides safe, efficient, and high quality settlement services.

Procedures: To open a settlement account, the customer needs to submit an application to an ABC outlet with relevant documents, and sign the relevant agreement. The customer also needs to provide the authorized seal. The account can be opened in any city of China. To close the settlement account, the customer needs to submit an application to the ABC outlet where the account was opened. Then, the customer checks the deposit balance with the outlet and returns the unused vouchers.

Account Collection and Payment Management
Based on the requirements of financial management, ABC can help the group customers to separately manage the collection and payment of their members, control payment, and timely collect funds.

The revenue accounts of the group members are used only for collection and the funds in the accounts can only be transferred to the superior level accounts designated by the group, while the expenditure accounts can only receive funds appropriated from the superior institution for payment.

Procedures: The customer submits an application to an ABC outlet and signs the relevant agreement. The customer needs to provide the list of accounts and specify whether the purpose of the accounts is for collection or for payment.

Account Balance Management
Based on the authorization from the customer, ABC can help the customer maintain the member accounts in zero balance or limited balance, and transfer the entire balance or the amount above a specified limit in the member accounts to a designated account. The accounts of the inferior level will receive the funds from the accounts of the superior level if the balance is lower than the specified limit.

The balance of the accounts is maintained at zero balance or at a specified amount while centralized management is enhanced.
Procedures: The customer submits an application to ABC and signs the Agreement on Cash Management. The group members need to provide relevant authorizations. Please contact an ABC outlet for details.

Combined Seals
In order to mitigate risks and based on the customer's need for a division of authority and responsibilities, different combinations of seals may be set for better control over payment.

Procedures: The customer opens an account with ABC and signs relevant agreements to specify the combination of seals.

Account Report
ABC can provide complete account reports to customers at outlet counters or electronic channels of ABC.

The customer can access information on the account balance, transactions details, and account changes. Services are customized and the information is obtained timely and accurately.

Procedures: The customer opens an account with ABC, submits an application, and specifies the channels and methods for receiving account reports.

Electronic Receipt
Through ABC Bank-enterprise Express and online banking, customers can have access to electronic payment receipt for electronic payments with the special electronic seal for receipt of ABC.

The receipts are printed on a real time basis to facilitate verification by the customer.

Procedures: The customer submits the application for access to Bank-enterprise Express or online banking of ABC and signs relevant agreements. Thereafter, the customer may print an electronic receipt immediately after making an electronic payment.

Electronic Reconciliation
The Bank-enterprise platform enables customers to make reconciliations on the system. improve reconciliation efficiency, and reduce the routine work-load of the financial staff.

The platform features easy and fast operation, secure and accurate information, and timely and efficient reconciliation.

Procedures: The customer submits an application for access to the Bank-enterprise Express and signs relevant agreements. ABC then regularly provides such reconciliation information as account balance and details.

SMS service
According to the agreement with the customer, when the amount of single collection or payment from the settlement account of the customer satisfies the preset conditions, ABC will inform the customer timely of changes in the account via e-banking channels or SMS. 

This service features timely advice of large-amount transactions and balance changes.

Procedures: The customer submits an application to an ABC outlet and signs relevant agreements.

MT940 Account Report
ABC can provide account reports in MT940 format to satisfy the need of customers for account information inquiry across borders.

This service features inter-bank services, complete information, and convenient reconciliation.

Procedures: The customer opens an account with ABC, submits an application, and signs an agreement to specify the method for receiving account reports.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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