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Small Business Self-service Revolving Loan

The Small Business Self-service Revolving Loan ("Self-service Revolving Loan") is a RMB loan product provided by ABC to small business customers. Specifically, within a uniform credit line, we determine a loan amount that can be cancelled for small business customers; and within this loan amount, small business customers can use the loan in a self-service and revolving way through our designated outlets and self-service equipment. 

The product mainly meets small business customers' working capital demand for normal production and operation. Small business customers can borrow and repay the money anytime, and can make self-service withdrawals and repayments through self-service channels. 

1.Loan application and acceptance
Borrowers shall submit a written application and the following materials when applying for Self-service Revolving Loan:
• Business license, organizational code certification, tax registration card, and loan card passing annual inspection; for special industries, it's necessary to provide administrative license, approval documents or written references, environmental protection license, etc. approved and issued by relevant departments;
• Articles of association, report on verification of capital of incorporated enterprises, or partnership agreement and capital contribution agreement, etc. of partnership enterprises;
• If there are restrictive clauses on borrowing in the articles of association of incorporated enterprises, a written authorization consenting to borrowing; if there are restrictive clauses on borrowing in the partnership agreement of partnership enterprises, a written authorization consenting to borrowing by all partners and signed by each partner;
• Identity certificate of legal representative, copy of ID card of natural person shareholders and partners, and reserved seal of enterprises and legal representative;
• Enterprises' annual financial statements for the latest two years and most recent financial statements (newly started enterprises may not need to provide this); list of utilities bills paid in the most recent six months, or effective voucher of overall payment (newly started enterprises and non-industrial enterprise may not need to provide this); enterprises' tax declaration forms or effective summary tax declaration materials for the previous year and present year (newly started enterprises may not need to provide this); list of real estate and lands of enterprises (or individuals);
• Materials proving the statement of the purpose of the loan;
• Related materials for the loan guarantee; and
• Other materials required by the handling outlet. 
In the event existing customers' archives and materials have been previously provided and approved to meet related requirements, and appraisal and registration materials, etc. are within effective period, customers may not need to resubmit such materials. 

2.Investigation, examination and approval
Within the uniform credit line, self-service revolving loans call for a field investigation, and is handled according to the procedures of separation by the loan examination department and approval by an eligible examiner & an approver.

3.Signing loan contract
The handling outlet signs a Contract for Small Business Self-service Revolving Loan with customers according to the examination and approval opinions. The account manager inputs customers' basic information, record on examination and approval of loan amount, loan contract, etc. into the CMS system.

4.Handling guarantee formalities
The customer department handles lawful and effective mortgage (pledge) formalities for the approved self-service revolving loan line according to the examination opinion, loan contract, and related regulations. 

5.Opening a loan account
The customer department fills out the notification for setting up the contract for the self-service revolving loan line according to the loan contract and sends the notification to the counter personnel of the operating bank. Then, the counter personnel opens a loan account according to the notification and loan contract and sets up related factors in ABIS. 

6.Use of loan
Within the approved self-service revolving loan line, borrowers do not have to a sign loan contract separately for each installment of the loan when they execute withdrawal and repayment through our outlets or self-service electronic channels. 
• When applying for the loan through our outlets, borrowers shall fill out the application form for withdrawal of self-service revolving loan.
• However, when applying for the loan through self-service electronic channels, borrowers do not need to fill out the written application for withdrawal. Instead, the electronic records for each withdrawal from ABC, and repayment to ABC, serve as the documentary proof of the transaction, and shall have the same legal force as a loan contract. 

Application Channels
All banking offices and banking departments of ABC can handle the business.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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