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SME Plant Mortgage Loan

The SME Plant Mortgage Loan refers to the loan extended to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) for general plants purchase in industrial parks.
At present, only Xiamen Branch of ABC offers this product.

1. Low access conditions: paid-in capital ≥ RMB1 million, and first-installment payment ≥ 30%.
2. Low repayment pressure: a maximum of 10 years in monthly installments is allotted for repayment, with the floating interest rates reaching lows of 90% of the benchmark interest rate.

Customers file an application with ABC; ->ABC then examines the application internally; ->Signing of a transitional guarantee agreement is needed; -> The loan is then extended; -> Mortgage guarantees are handled after processing the title deeds. 
Customers shall submit the following materials when applying for a loan:
1. Business license of the enterprise legal person; the tax registration certificate; copies of ID cards of legal representative and authorized agent; articles of association; and the Capital Verification Report;
2. The loan card must be approved and issued by the People's Bank of China with clearance of annual inspection, and an organizational code certificate must be issued by the technical supervision department;
3. Customers' recent financial statements;
4. Certificate proving that customers have paid at least 30% of the purchase price;
5. Plant purchase contract or agreement must be signed by both the customers and governmental department or developer;
6. Customers' commitment to setting up mortgage with the plant is needed;
7. Power of attorney provided by customers for authorizing the lender to transfer funds. 

Application Channels
ABC qualified branches.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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