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Loan on Real Estate

The Loan on Real Estate for Small Business refers to the loan extended by ABC to small enterprises which have gross financing within RMB8 million (included) each and set up mortgage guarantee in a lawful, effective, full-value and realizable manner to meet customers demand.
At present, only Jiangsu Branch of ABC offers this loan.

The loan pursues the standard and convenient principles, and doesn't rate or classify customers. Once single business is examined and approved, it's deemed to have an equivalent amount of approved credit line; and when the credit business is over, the equivalent amount of credit line will be reduced. It is convenient for both borrowers and loaner to handle and acquire loans conveniently and quickly, and is a green channel for growing small enterprises with good credit record and powerful ability of sustainable development to obtain loans.

Targeted customers and Conditions
The targeted customers are the minor enterprises which could provide lawful, effective, full-value and realizable real estate mortgage, and also meet the following basic conditions:
1.Customers shall hold the legal-person business license registered with and through annual inspection by the industry and commerce administration authorities, and shall also hold the license for production and operation issued by a competent organ in the case of dealing with special industries;
2.Customers shall hold the approved loan card issued by and passing the annual inspection of the PBOC, and the organizational code issued by technical supervision department;
3. Customers shall have fixed premises at the place of the loan-granting bank, and feasible plan for production and operation; legal representative and major shareholders shall have fixed domiciles, registered permanent residence (or effective residence certificate), and shall enjoy upright moral quality and good social appraisal;
4.Customers shall carry out production and operation according to the national policies, and shall have stable business income or expected business income, sufficient first source of repayment, and ability to repay principal and interest on schedule;
5. Customers shall have good credit standing without violation of law and bad credit record, and accept the credit and settlement supervision of ABC.

1. Customers submit written application and related materials to ABC;
2. After the investigation and examination, ABC approves the application;
3. Customers sign the Loan Contract with ABC, and handles related formalities for mortgage and pledge;
4. ABC extends loans;
5. Customer repays the loan on schedule.

Application Channels
All ABC authorized and sub-authorized operating institutions can handle the business.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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