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Golden Way Park - Small Enterprise Products

Golden Way - Park Small Enterprise Products refer to the serial credit products or product portfolios provided by us to small enterprise customers located in city-level and above scientific and technological parks, industrial parks, and agricultural parks in Chongqing. The maximum loan amount is RMB20 million; and in principle, the term of the loan is 1-year minimum and shall not exceed 5 years maximum.
At present, only Chongqing Branch of ABC offers this loan.

Golden Way - Park Small Enterprise Products meet the working capital and general fixed assets loan demand of small enterprises located in parks for their normal expenses of production and operation, workshop construction, equipment purchases, and so on.

1. According to their stage of development, small enterprises in parks are divided into entrepreneurial type, growing type, and mature type. In addition, 7 credit sub-plans are designed for such small enterprises. Specifically speaking:
• Entrepreneurial Enterprises: "Loan for going into production of entrepreneurial enterprises", "loan for starting of entrepreneurial enterprises", and "project loan for entrepreneurial enterprises."
• Growing Enterprises: "Loan for production expansion of growing enterprises", "loan for reaching production target of growing enterprises" and "loan for capacity expansion of growing enterprises."
• Mature Enterprises: "Turnover loan for mature enterprises."
Aiming at each sub-plan, the product sets up the ceiling amount and longest term, as shown in the following table:
List of maximum amount of Golden Way Products: 

Unit: RMB10,000

Enterprise type

Product name

Maximum amount

Longest term

Entrepreneurial type

Loan for going into production of entrepreneurial enterprises


1 year

Loan for starting of entrepreneurial enterprises


1 year

Project loan for entrepreneurial enterprises


3 years

Growing type

Loan for production expansion of growing enterprises


2 years

Loan for reaching production target of growing enterprises


2 years

Loan for capacity expansion of growing enterprises


5 years

Mature type

Turnover loan for mature enterprises


3 years

2. Introducing "Commitment to Park Repurchase". The commitment to repurchasing the real estate in parks is the repurchase-resale agreement preset under the contract for loans to small businesses among the small enterprises in parks, park development companies, and ABC. Namely, when credit support is provided to small enterprises in parks, the park development company promises to us that, if borrowers cannot repay debts in time, the park development company will buy back the enterprises' real estate (or land use right) under the mortgage, and make payments to us to repay the borrowers' debts.

Flow chart:

Application Channels
All authorized and sub-authorized operating institutions may handle the business.
Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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