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Micro-finance to Farmer Households

The Micro-finance to Farmer Households herein refers to the petty loan granted by ABC to individual members of farmer households according to the requirements of universal preferences, broad coverage, and commercialization. For each farmer household, only one family member can apply for this service.

1. Flexible mode of loan. If related requirements are met, farmer households may apply for loan by means of guarantee, mortgage, pledge, and joint guarantee of farmer households.
2. Flexible mode of loan use. According to different modes of loan use, Personal Loan for Production and Operation in Rural Areas is divided into self-service revolving mode and general mode. Under theself-service revolving mode, the customer may borrow and repay a loan anytime, namely withdraw and repay money through self-service borrowing within the approved maximum amount and term; under the general mode, we grant loan to the customer in a lump sum, and recover the loan in the same way or by installment. The specific mode of loan use will be determined after negotiation between customer and us.
3. Interest saving. Under the self-service revolving mode, the interest on Personal Loan for Production and Operation in Rural Areas will be calculated according to the actual days of service, which could reduce the customer's interest expenditure to the largest extent.


Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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