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Kins Farmer's Benefit Card

The Kins Farmer's Benefit Card is a kind of Union Pay standard debit card issued to farmer households. In addition to the various financial functions of debit Kins Card, such as cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer and settlement, consumption, financing, it also provides card holders with specific service functions, including carrier of micro-finance to farmer households and financial subsidy agent, as well as certain preferential financial service charges. Kins Farmer's Benefit Card is indentified as "622841", with master card and supplementary card of different face.

Besides various financial functions of debit Kins Card, including cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer and settlement, consumption, financing, Kins Farmer's Benefit Card can also  provide card holders with multiple specific service functions, such as transaction statements, carrier of micro-finance to farm households, identity recognition andagency fee payment and collection of rural social insurance and medical insurance, agency fee payment and collection for rural public utilities, and financial subsidy agent.

Representatives of our outlets will come to applicants' village for centralized handling, and applicants could also come to the outlets which have started the service for independent handling.
1. Procedures of application in batches:
• Applicants make application to our cooperative organizations, e.g. village committees. In the application, applicants shall fill out the application form, and provide copies of Household Register and ID card; 
• After verifying the applicants' information, our cooperative organizations submit the application materials in batches to our local outlets for examination;
• For the applicants meeting our card-issuing requirements, the outlets shall issue cards (but not activate such cards) in batches, and submit the cards and the list of card numbers to our cooperative organizations, which shall sign to acknowledge the receipt of the above mentioned;

• According to the list of card numbers, our cooperative organizations, shall issue the cards to the applicants who shall sign to acknowledge the receipt of card;
• Applicants shall come to our outlet for handling password change and activation of card with the Kins Farmer's Benefit Card, Household Register and ID card (it's available to provide visiting activation service according to actual situations). Only activated Kins Farmer's Benefit Card can be used normally.
2. Procedures of independent application:
• Applicants come to our outlet to fill out the application form for Kins Farmer's Benefit Card with the Household Register and ID card, as well as the letter proving their identities from our cooperative organizations.
• The outlet clerk checks the application materials submitted by applicants, and issues cards to applicants meeting our card-issuing requirements on the spot, with password set by applicants independently. After this, the Kins Farmer's Benefit Card could be used immediately.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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