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Farmer's Benefit Credit Card


The Farmer's Benefit Credit Card, one of the Kins card serial products, is a specific debit-credit-in-one product customized by Agricultural Bank of China for county-level and rural high-end customers with good credit concept. The card may be used as an instrument for your payment, settlement, savings and wealth management. Moreover, through our credit extension, the card can meet your short-term and frequent funds demands, provide you with diversified and personalized supporting functions, and serve your many production and living needs.

1.Debit-credit-in-one, and immediate credit application
The Farmer's Benefit Credit Card has a powerful debit-credit-in-one function. You can open a current account and multiple fixed sub-accounts, and deposit your funds and earn interest. Moreover, without formalities after acquiring the card, you can make an overdraft directly and instantly within the credit line approved by us, arrange your production and operation funds, and manage your family property flexibly.
2. Revolving overdraft, and quick turnover
Within the credit line, you can borrow and repay anytime according to your own funds demands, with the interest calculation based on the actual days of service. After repayment, the credit line will be restored immediately and may be reused, thus enabling quick turnover of funds, minimizing costs for use, and appreciating any assets.
3. Full-amount cash withdrawal and convenient use
Besides overdraft for consumer charges, you also enjoy overdraft withdrawal and overdraft transfer, with the overdraft amount up to 100% of the credit line. These several overdraft can service your different fund demands in unexpected situations.
4. High credit and flexible guarantee
You can obtain the credit extension of the Farmer's Benefit Credit Card by means of credit guaranty, security guaranty, pledge guarantee, and mortgage guarantee. Combining your credit status with the guarantee type, your credit line could be approved up to the highest credit limit of RMB300,000.
5. Current-fixed-in-one, and easy management
You can establish a RMB current account and multiple RMB fixed sub-accounts simultaneously for the Farmer's Benefit Credit Card. Additionally, without other cards or deposit receipts, you can manage your current deposit and fixed deposit easily with only one card.
6. Easy fee payment
Multiple expenses (water fees, electricity fees, communications fee, CATV fees, etc.) can be paid for you through the Farmer's Benefit Credit Card, saving you time and energy. Even if the funds in your account are insufficient, you can still pay the above-mentioned expenses with an overdraft not to exceed RMB1,000 within the credit line.
7. Line sharing of the principal card and the supplementary card
You can establish multiple supplementary cards for your family members or friends according to your own needs and situation, making the funds in your card available for their use, or for them to use the credit line approved by us based upon your requirements.
8. Payment control and comprehensive command
You can control the payment frequency, the amount, and the overdraft rights of the supplementary cards based upon your requirements. You can cancel the supplementary cards at anytime, thus you can maintain  control and flexibility over their use.

Application conditions
If you have a fixed residence at the place of the card-issuing bank branch, as well as stable income and complete civil capacity, you may apply for a Farmer's Benefit Credit Card (personal card).
You may also apply for supplementary cards for others with complete civil capacity.
Application materials to be provided
You are required to provide identity documents, along with one or more credit certification materials, such as the income certificate, the work certificate, and the asset certificate required by the card-issuing bank branch. In the case of a card application under the guarantee type, you must provide identity documents and guarantee materials required under related regulations on guarantee business of ABC.
1. Identity materials
The Original and copy of your own effective identity certificate.
2. Income certification materials
• Salary payment records of the latest three months, provided by a bank; 
• Income certificate provided by your unit;
• Voucher of income tax deducted;
• Payment certificate of housing provident fund, endowment insurance, medical insurance, and unemployment insurance;
• Operation and tax payment certificate.
3. Work certification materials
• Employee's card (work plate), work contract, key card, etc.
4. Asset certification materials
• Certificate of property rights of owner-occupied residential housing and commercial housing;
• Driving license of motor vehicle;
• Financial asset certificate, etc.
5. Other certification materials
• Payment slips of fixed premises fees: water, electricity, gas, and realty management of the family address for the most recent three months;
• House leasing contract and rent certificate for the most recent three months;
• Other materials proving the fixed domicile.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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