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Commodity Circulation Market Construction Loan

The County-level Commodity Circulation Market Construction Loan refers to the fixed assets loan extended to project owners for county-level commodity circulation market construction. The administrative region where the county (including county-level city) branches locate and taken into the statistics of the Agro-related Banking Department by the Head Office are collectively called as the "County-level Area". The construction of circulation market of agricultural and sideline products, cultural supplies, costume and furniture, decoration and building materials, hardware and steel products, seeds and fertilizers in the county area is applicable to this service. The loan for the construction of agricultural and sideline products wholesale market outside the county area is applicable as well.

The Loan for County-level Commodity Circulation Market ConstructionLoan reasonably sets up the access standards for borrowers and projects, and mainly satisfies the fund demand of various commodity circulation markets for providing fixed places and supporting facilities necessary for transactions. Fixed places mainly include dealing rooms (sheds) and shops; and supportingfacilities mainly include matching warehouses, water, electricity lines and roads, preserving and cold stores, parking lot, office occupancy, safety detection system, market informationization system, and merchants' living services.

1. Customers submit the application and related materials;
2. After the investigation and examination, ABC approves the application;
3. Customers and ABC sign contracts for loan and guarantee;
4. ABC verifies the guarantee, and handles the formalities for registration of mortgage;
5. ABC checks and extends the loan by installment according to the regulations of contract;
6. ABC conductspost-loan management actively;
7. ABC recovers the loan in full-amount on time. 

Application Channels
All ABC authorized operating institutions can handle the business.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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