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ABC Promotes Facial Recognition Withdrawal at ATMs


In June 2017, Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) launched "Facial Recognition Withdrawal" at ATMS after the success of a pilot program for accelerating the adoption of intelligent financial technology.

  “Facial Recognition Withdrawal” was developed by ABC to enable customers to withdraw money using facial recognition technology. It compares photos taken on the spot with those from credible sources in order to verify customers' mobile or ID numbers and transaction passwords. This new functionality streamlines procedures, improves the customer experience and minimizes risk. Customers can withdraw money from ATMs anytime and anywhere without the need for their bank cards.

  “Facial Recognition Withdrawal” utilizes high-security infrared binocular camera vivo action technology. It collects near-infrared and visible light images in real time to detect vivo action by analyzing the texture of facial skin and changes in the optical flow field caused by slight movements. This defends against fraud and prevents the system from being compromised by the malicious use of photos, facial masks, dummies or false videos.

  The roll-out of ATM “Facial Recognition Withdrawal” has many positive implications. First, the use of counterfeit bank cards will be greatly reduced. Second, the number of cards forgotten by customers and retained by ATMs will decline, decreasing administrative work for branch locations. Third, the user experience will  improve, as customers will not be inconvenienced by needing their cards when visiting ATMs. Finally, new business opportunities for services such as online banking can be promoted.

  “Facial Recognition Withdrawal” is currently active at 470 ATMs in 16 ABC branches. In the near future, the focus will be on flagship outlets and locations with advanced technology platforms and facilities, with the goal of driving the adoption of Financial Technology.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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