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ABC Wins Award for Corporate Culture Building


At the recent Chinese and Foreign Corporate Culture Summit 2012 (“Summit”) sponsored by China Corporate Culture Institute in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, Mr. Che Yingxin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC), delivered a speech on the topic of Promoting Scientific Development of ABC with its Deeply-Rooted Corporate Culture.
Mr. Che Yingxin said ABC has been following the scientific outlook on development in business development, and has been guiding and deepening internal system reform with scientific ideas on corporate culture. ABC must rely on culture as a guiding light and the shared belief of employees as joint force on the path towards becoming a premier commercial bank. In recent years, it embedded a business corporate culture specific to its own characteristics and realities, and consolidated the shared value of “focusing on the whole picture, hard-working and dedication,” thus promoting the business, management, services and team building through corporate culture. ABC highlights business operation to create greater value for shareholders, and simultaneously highly values risk management and control to ensure its healthy and sustainable development.
Mr. Che Yingxin added that ABC actively built corporate culture through social responsibility. ABC’s social commitments include serving Sannong (agriculture, rural areas and farmers), providing financial guarantees for frontier areas, providing financial services to the public, and promoting green finance for sustainable development. It actively fulfills its social responsibility to build a responsible first-rate commercial bank providing quality and efficient services.
In conclusion, he stressed that ABC will follow the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, further motivate corporate culture building to unite staff and enhance building of core value system so as to improve the overall strength and competitiveness of corporate culture towards developing a modernized bank.
Mr. Che Yingxin also chaired the Summit’s ABC Corporate Culture Session, giving instructions on how to integrate corporate culture and business development and how to promote corporate culture. He pointed out that culture building and business development are complementary, as business development ultimately calls for sound corporate culture. During the process of promoting corporate culture, stress should be placed on concepts of spirit, morality, integrity, and clean governance. Moreover, efforts shall be made to cultivate cultural values on operation, management, service, compliance, risk, talent, and clean governance to promote scientific business development.
At the Summit, ABC received several awards, including the prestigious “2012 Top Ten Model Case for Corporate Culture Building” for its efforts in corporate culture building. Mr. Gao Youqing from Suzhou Branch was awarded the “2012 Top Ten Role Model for Corporate Culture Building.” Eleven branches, including Beijing Branch, were awarded the “2012 Outstanding Institution for Corporate Culture Building”.  Ten employees,including Mr. Zeng Zhongming from Jiangxi Branch, were awarded the “2012 Outstanding Contributor for Corporate Culture Building”. Of all Summit participants, ABC won the most awards.
The Chinese and Foreign Corporate Culture Summit is a large-scale and high-end cultural exchange hosted by the China Corporate Culture Institute. It’s ninth annual gathering since 2003, the Summit has become quite influential in China and increasingly attracts wide attention. The 2012 Summit was the largest in recent history of its kind, with nearly 800 participants, including officials from related ministries, well-known experts and scholars on corporate culture, and domestic enterprise representatives. ABC was well represented, with 39 representatives from ABC’s Head Office and with over 17 ABC branches participating.

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