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Corporate Social Responsibility

2016 CSR Report

In 2016, ABC has been always concerned with and dedicated to the country, and demonstrated a State-owned bank shouldering responsibilities by fully supporting the real economy, actively serving the national strategy and heartily giving back to the community, while creating more value for shareholders and society. For the 65 years since its establishment, ABC has, by upholding the “spirit of craftsmanship” which always calls for excellence in the course of serving “Sannong”, the economy and the general public, forged the political responsibility for carrying out strict governance of the Bank, the economic responsibility for value creation, and the social responsibility of promoting well-being of society, to contribute to the realization of the great rejuvenation of China.

2015 CSR Report

Developmental sustainability needs to be based on responsibility, as building a long-lasting corporation needs to be based on bearing in mind people’s well being. In 2015, facing numerous difficulties and challenges in the domestic and international economic environment, ABC resolutely implemented the Central Committee and State Council's policy decisions and regulatory requirements, calmly dealt with complex situations, and actively guarded against and dissolved risks. As a large state-owned commercial bank in support of “Sannong” (agriculture, rural areas and farmers) development, ABC also innovated service means, contributed to poverty reduction, serving the real economy, strengthening ecological protection and improving people's livelihood.

2014 CSR Report

In 2014, ABC continued to strive in economic responsibility, social responsibility (narrow sense), environment responsibility and legal responsibility, made greater progress in the fulfillment thereof, further exhibited its image of a bank ready to shoulder responsibility and won the trust of common people through its creditability.

2013 CSR Report

The predecessor of ABC is the Agricultural Cooperative Bank set up in 1951. Then, ABC went through different stages of development as a national specialized bank, a wholly State-owned commercial bank and a joint-stock commercial bank. The glorious history of more than 60 years has placed ABC under diversified and extensive social responsibilities. 

2012 CSR Report

The Agricultural Bank of China is a systemically important bank entrusted with a nationally significant mission. In 2012, the Bank was “dedicated in contributing to the welfare of the entire society” through firm and absolute fulfillment of its diverse and extensive social responsibilities befitting its status of a major commercial bank.

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