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ABC Wins the Annual Award for Most Socially Responsible Financial Institution


Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC)recently won the Annual Award for Best Social Responsibility Practices as well as Most Socially Responsible Financial Institutions at the 2011 Social Responsibility Report of the China's Banking Industry Release Conference & Social Responsibility Award Presentation Ceremony. The event was held by the China Banking Association. ABC won the award against 69 competing institutions for the social responsibility award.
Concurrently, ABC's  185 Regiment Banking Office of Xinjiang Altay Corps Sub-branch, Motuo County Sub-branch of Tibet Branch and Taxkorgan County Sub-branch of Xinjiang Branch of won awrds as the Annual Best Outlets with Special Contributions for Social Responsibility.
In the past 61 years since its establishment, ABC has faithfully fulfilled its responsibilities entrusted by the country and society. Rooted in serving agriculture, countryside and farmers, ABC has undertaken the mission of supporting urban and rural economic and social development, and fostered a culture that emphasizes social responsibility benefitting the whole society. In recent years, ABC has integrated its concept of responsibility into every aspect of its corporate governance. In terms of major strategic decisions, ABC has adopted a strategy that coordinates urban and rural development, and committed itself to providing customers with quality financial services. As to business focus, it has given high priority to serving agriculture, countryside, and farmers as well as supporting the economic development of county areas. It has adhered to the guideline that "neither share reform nor IPO should affect its intensive efforts in supporting rural development", and has explored new ways for large commercial banks to serve agriculture, countryside and farmers. As for operation and management, ABC has integrated such concepts as "low-carbon finance" and "green credit" into all its policies and systems, and dedicated itself to building up an environment-friendly and resource-efficient "green bank".
From out of ABC's grassroots branches have sprung up numerous praiseworthy stories of fulfilling social responsibilities and innovating a pioneering brand of responsible culture with distinctive characteristics for the times. ABC staff in the 185 Regiment Banking Office of Xinjiang Altay Corps Sub-branch has developed multiple channels to support the construction and development of the Corps, forming a unique "financial frontiers team" in Chinese financial history. As the only financial service outlet, Motuo County Sub-branch is responsible for providing financial services to over 95% of the agricultural and pastoral sectors in Motuo County. ABC staff has been always willing to serve the county undiscouraged by the poverty there. They have been providing quality financial services to people in Motuo County, continuously performing  ABC's mission of serving the local economy. With strong will and passion, ABC staff in the Taxkorgan County Sub-branch of Xinjiang Branch has achieved great progress under tough circumstances. Because of their efforts, the ABC brand is recognized throughtout the snow-covered Pamir plateau.
The awards won by ABC fully confirm that ABC has made great achievements in social responsibility and also widely recognized throughout society for its achievements. ABC will continue to strengthen its social responsibility governance and fulifilment of its historic mission from when it was a large state-controlled bank. It will also pursue a win-win situation of corporate value and social value, and continue its great contribution to both urban and rural economic and social development.

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