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ABC Hong Kong Branch Was Awarded "Caring Company" by Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Recently, Hong Kong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) won the award of "Caring Company" granted by Hong Kong Council of Social Service for its outstanding performance in the past year for all the care given to community, its staff and environment. The council also authorized HK Branch to use the logo of "Caring Company" for publicity.
In recent years, while achieving noticeable business performance, Hong Kong Branch proactively practiced ABC's core value concept with its corporate social responsibility in mind, so as to care for and give back to the society. In 2011, ABC set up a volunteer team, which enhanced its cooperation with Caritas Social Service Center, a well-known Hong Kong charity organization in launching a series of public welfare charity activities such as "recreational activities for ethnic minorities", "educational assistance volunteer project" and "visiting senior citizens living alone". By helping the weak in communities, the team advocated care and mutual help among neighbors and achieved harmony in community. Recently, the volunteer team is joining hands with Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation in preparing for "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining" visual arts project, which is intended to provide an opportunity for young people living with long-term illnesses to experience artistic creation, expand their horizon, and strengthen their positive and active energy in facing life. Through initiating the public welfare charity activities, Hong Kong Branch staff are tied further closer, and ABC's corporate image and social reputation in Hong Kong are also distinctly promoted.
Founded in the 1940s, Hong Kong Council of Social Service now has around 400 institutional members, and provides over 90% of the social welfare services for the Hong Kong citizens through its over 3,000 affiliations throughout the region.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

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