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ABC Wins "Best Digital Bank in China 2017"


Asiamoney named Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) "Best Digital Bank in China 2017" for its internet finance brand, continuous innovation of products and services, and consistent optimization of the customer experience. It is the only commercial bank to win this award in China.
  One of the world's leading financial media outlets, Asiamoney was founded in 1989 and focuses on the continent's financial and capital markets. It has conducted polls, recognized outstanding institutions, published rankings, and provided reporting and analysis of major institutions and countries in the region for over 28 years. This year, in order to promote industry development, the publication not only increased the number of candidates taken into consideration, but also assessed them in the categories of  innovation, growth potential, and sustainability, among others.
  Since 2016, ABC has fully committed itself to enhancing its internet finance business. It has concentrated on building an intelligent, customized, and scenario-based financial ecosystem by combining online with offline operations, corporate with personal banking, urban with rural areas, products with services, and platforms with channels. These efforts have transformed ABC's operation strategy, and marked a new milestone in its innovation-driven development. In the areas of market competition and business expansion, ABC has successfully launched "ABC Quick e-Wealth Management", "ABC Quick e-Loan" and "ABC Quick e-Pay", among other premium products. These have greatly boosted the market impact of ABC's internet finance brand. In terms of cross-industry cooperation, ABC has actively sought to combine offline service channels with internet finance based on the internet ecosystem and application scenarios. It aims to provide clients with a comprehensive selection of online financial services in categories from "clothing, food and shelter, to travel, health-care and entertainment", and does this by offering mobile and integrated service platforms, customized service content, real-time responses, and service models featuring scenario-based applications.

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