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Personal Comprehensive Wealth Management Service


The Personal Comprehensive Wealth Management Service refers to the service where ABC, based on wealth management advisory services provided to customers, carries out investments and assets management upon entrustment and authorization of customers and according to the agreed-upon investment plan and manner. The investment returns and risks are undertaken by the customers or shared by the customers and ABC upon the agreed method. 


Besides professional wealth management advisory services, we provide customers with diversified wealth management products, such as deposit, loan, bond, fund, insurance, gold, foreign exchange, "Ben Li Feng", "Hui Li Feng" and QDII, or provide trading channels to customers.


1. Tailored services. We recommend product portfolio tailored for customers, and provide adequate products and convenient channels.

2. Professional services. Having professional certificates such as CFP, AFP and RFP, hundreds of account managers are ready to provide customers with professional and considerate services. Furthermore, a strong product R&D team and a product expert team are committed to providing special support to customers.

3. Follow-up services. In accordance with the agreement on comprehensive wealth management service signed between customers and ABC, ABC account managers follow up and assess the financial position of customers, modify wealth management planning, adjust investment portfolios and recommend investment products.

Targeted Customers

All customers who have questions in investment, loan, insurance, pension, taxation, legacy and education fund planning or propose to buy wealth management products may turn to ABC account managers for professional help.


1. The customer consults a lobby manager or an account manager about wealth management services at an ABC outlet.

2. On the basis of wealth management advisory service, the customer buys related wealth management products.

Charging Standard

ABC charges an advisory fee, product sale service fee and some other fees for the personal comprehensive wealth management service. Please refer to our announcement at designated outlets for detailed charging standards. 


1. Please make sure to provide authentic and valid personal information.

2. Please cooperate with the account manager to conduct related risk tolerance testing, and answer relevant questions truthfully.

3. Please carefully read the agreement on comprehensive wealth management advisory service or customer assessment report, and sign such documents provided that you fully understand and agree to relevant contents.

4. Please carefully read the product purchase agreement and product description, and sign the related product purchase agreement provided that you are fully aware of product risks.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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