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Ben Li Feng

The "Ben Li Feng" is a series of high-return RMB wealth management products backed by financial asset investments in the inter-bank bond market, money market and capital market, including investments in bonds, trusts, new shares purchases, and other investment types. 

1. Low risk. The product invests mainly in medium- to low-risk bonds, corporate trusts, and new shares purchases in primary market with high credit rating and low market risk.
2. High return. Customers gain relatively high returns with low investment risk.
3. Flexible term. With a term ranging from 14 days to two years, "Ben Li Feng" products are launched on a rolling basis. Customers may choose the best product with terms that meet their specific financial needs, and may transfer funds among products with different terms, thus achieving a continuing appreciation of wealth. 

1. Diversified investments. The "Ben Li Feng" series comprises investments in bonds, trusts, new shares purchases, and many other assets, providing investment choices to customers with different risk preferences, thus able to satisfy diversified  investment strategies. 
2. Professional operation. We appoint only experienced investment managers to oversee the operation and management of product assets.

3. Convenient procedures. To buy "Ben Li Feng" product, customers need only present a valid identity certificate and settlement account at any ABC outlet.

Return-guaranteed product.
Principal-protected product with floating return.
Non-principal-protected product with floating return.

Investors of "Ben Li Feng" products are exposed to policy risk, market risk, liquidity risk and force majeure risk, among which, liquidity risk refers to the risk that investors lose opportunity of higher-return re-investment during the product life as early redemption is not permitted.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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