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An Xin De Li

"An Xin De Li", a wealth management product independently launched by ABC, has a fixed term and relatively high floating income with principal not guaranteed. Aiming at the general public, it is invested in inter-bank bond market, money market, quality trust programs, commercial bills, bank deposits and other financial assets.
Multiple terms:"An Xin De Li" provides multiple terms from one month to one year for choices, hence the investor can select an appropriate one based on his/her fund status and investment arrangement, and obtain the maximum income out of idle funds.
Scientific operation: "An Xin De Li", with ABC as its investment manager, is invested in several types of financial assets with different terms to maximize the security and profit. Featuring uniform management and separate pricing by professionals, it can generate higher income for investors.
Moderate security: With principal not guaranteed,"An Xin De Li" has lower risks while pursuing higher income through reasonable asset allocation. As a product with relatively low risk, it is appropriate for all the four types of personal and corporate investors: cautious, moderate, dynamic and progressive.
Awards and honors
Professional investment managers with rich experience are responsible for the operation of the wealth management product funds. ABC possesses several senior product research and design professionals and successful product R&D experiences for many years, and has received many awards for its products.
The awards ABC has received include: the "Best Annual QDII Wealth Management Product" and the "Best Annual Structural Wealth Management Product" by Trust and Wealth Management Institute of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, 21st Century Business Herald, Financial Research Center of 21st Century Institute; the "Award of 'Treasure Bowl' for Private Wealth Management in China for 2008' and the "Award of Best Marketing and Innovative Wealth Management Product for 2009" by the organizing committee of China International Finance Forum and Moneyweek; the "2008 Best Foreign Currency Wealth Management Bank" by Institute of Finance and Banking, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Financial Times; and the "2009 Best RMB Wealth Management Product" by Shanghai Securities News and cnstock.com.
Notes on purchase
The personal investor shall fill out the Letter of Entrustment on Subscription and Purchase of Wealth Management Products of Agricultural Bank of China in an outlet of ABC by presenting valid identity certificate, debit card, comprehensive wealth management card, demand deposit integrated account passbook or settlement account opened with ABC. Agreement on Wealth Management Products of Agricultural Bank of China shall be signed for purchase of ABC's wealth management products for the first time. Besides, investors shall fill out the Questionnaire on Assessment of Risk Tolerance of Personal Investors (with an effective period of one year) before purchase, and then select appropriate wealth management products based on the assessment results. Personal investors with no experience in investment cannot purchase the products designed specially for those with experience.
The corporate and institution investor shall open an account and sign the purchase agreement in an outlet of ABC. The investor shall fill out the Letter of Entrustment and purchase wealth management products in the account-opening outlet.
Wealth management products differ from ordinary bank deposits, and investors shall bear certain risks to earn higher income. The risks include subscription, policies, market, liquidity, information transfer, fund-raising failure, re-investment/premature termination and force majeure. For details, please refer to the product description or wealth management plan, contact service personnel of outlets or dial ABC customer service hotline 95599.

Note: Please contact your local branch for detailed information about the service.

Customer Service Center : 95599


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